Claim Guide

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This is going to be a guide to help players with the claiming of their land.

- Claiming -

First off, you’ll need a Golden Shovel in order to claim, which you get one from your Starter Kit at spawn. In order to claim, you’ll need to use your Golden Shovel and right click two corners that you would want your claim to be in.

Now, there are two types of claims that can be done: Basic and Town Claims. To make Town Claims, do /subdivideclaims, then to go back to Basic Claims do /basicclaims.

Basic Claim: Is a personal claim and will allow you to build a house or anything else you would want in it.


Town Claim: Will allow you to house other basic claims inside of this claim. When creating a Town Claim, if you’re still in /subdivideclaims, you can trust players inside of that claim alone instead of your whole claim. This will allow you to create Towns/Villages on the server without giving everyone permission to your whole claim.


- Trusting -

Once you have your claims all set up, you can start trusting others if you’d like! Here are the commands you can use related to trusting others;

/accesstrust - Grants a player entry to your claim.

/containertrust - Grants access to chests, crops, etc.

/trust and /untrust - Grants/Removes player edit permission to your claim.

/permissiontrust - Grants a player manager rights.

/trustlist - Lists all trusted players.

- Additional Commands for Claiming -

Here are some additional commands that are used with claiming.

/claimsetspawn - The owner of the claim can do this to set a spawn for their claim.

/claimspawn - Sends you to the claim spawn.

Note: claimspawns only work when you’re in your claim.

/abandonclaim - Abandons the claim you’re in.

/abandonallclaims - Abandons all of your claims you have.

/claimname <x> - Sets the name for the claim.

/claimgreeting <message> - Sets a greeting message for the claim.

/claimfarewell <message> - Sets a farewell message for the claim.