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This guide will contain a Basic overview of EV training.

EV training is a special kind of training that involves fighting certain pokemon that give certain effort values (EV's) that will increase your Pokemon's stats. You cannot increase your EV's indefinitely you can have a maximum of 510 EV's after you reach this you cannot go any higher. There is also a limit of 252 EVs per stat, so you can have 2 stats with 252 and one with 4, or any other combination of EVs. EVs are converted to actual stats at a 4:1 ratio, meaning for every 4 EVs in a stat your pokemon will increase that stat by 1.

There are six stats that can be enhanced with EV training

  • HP: Hit-points, these represent the health of the Pokemon, once it hits 0 the Pokemon will faint.
  • Attack: The physical power of the pokemon. it boosts the damage of moves marked as "physical" such as earthquake.
  • Defense: When being hit by a physical attack, defense is the stat that softens the blow, making the Pokemon lose less HP.
  • Special Attack: Special power of the pokemon, it boosts the damage of moves marked "special" such as Psychic.
  • Special Defense: When being hit with a Special attack, Special defense is the stat that softens the blow making the Pokemon lose less HP.
  • Speed: Speed determines who goes first in battle. The Pokemon with the highest speed stat will always attack first unless the opponent has a priority move like Quick Attack or Bullet Punch

When EV training, it is recommended to use a perfect Pokemon, see the breeding guide to learn about perfect pokemon and IVs. You also don't want to battle random pokemon to train it normally, its best to start with a brand new pokemon so you don't have to worry about the limited EVs being used. There is a way to remove EVs.

There are also ways to speed up EV training. Pokerus is a virus that infects your pokemon, it will make it so that any EVs gained will be doubled. There are also items that can help you with speeding up the EV training process.

  • Power Items: When held by the Pokemon you are EV training, it increases the amount of EVs you get 4 or 8 if you have Pokerus. There are 6 power items 1 for each of the 6 stats. They will give you EVs for its specific stat. Power items will also halve your speed of the Pokemon holding it.
  • Vitamins: When consumed, it will increase the Pokemon's EV stat by 10, but you cannot go over 100 EVs with vitamins, so they are a good start to EV training, but you will still need to train the rest of the way with normal EV training.
  • Berries: Berries will allow you to remove 10 EVs per berry from your pokemon. These can be found in the wild and grown. This is how you can fix-up pokemon that you have used already but want to redo their EVs.

If you don't have all 6 Power items there is the Macho brace, It will double all EV gains from Pokemon after a battle.

If you have a donor rank on the server (bronze rank or higher) you can use /evs to see your Pokemons EVs at any time to keep track while you are EV training, otherwise you'll have to keep check of them manually.