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{| style="text-align: center;"
{| style="text-align: center;"
|[[Kanto_Spawning|Kanto Spawning]]
|[[Kanto_Spawning|Kanto Spawning]]
|[[Johto_Spawning|Johto Spawning]]

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Welcome to the Pokeplay Official Wiki. This wiki will contain information on all of our Custom Pokemon Types as well as guides to different aspects of our server.

Custom Pokemon

ShadowEgg.png Shadow ShadowEgg.png
LightEgg.png Light LightEgg.png
MechEgg.png Mech MechEgg.png

Event Pokemon

HalloweenEgg.png Halloween HalloweenEgg.png
WinterEgg.png Winter WinterEgg.png
ValentineEgg.png Valentine ValentineEgg.png
EasterEgg.png Easter EasterEgg.png

Indigo League Server Guides

Kanto Spawning
Johto Spawning

Global Server Guides

Technic Installation Guide
Breeding Guide
EV training Guide
Lure Guide
Claim Guide